Eat More and Exercise Less
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They went from FLAB

Jay and Jennifer used other, more extreme methods to lose weight but had trouble keeping it off until they found success with the Eat More, Lose More plan.

"We couldn't be happier with the results! We knew eating less and exercising more worked short term, but we didn't know another option was available for the long term.

"… the science was so helpful for us. Eating more … is sustainable, enjoyable!"

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Patti LOST 20 lbs. without diets or hunger.

"I've lost 20 pounds and have dropped 3 sizes. Nothing fits anymore! … I have definitely dropped my LDL numbers and brought up my HDL some more … it is not a diet to me; it's just the way I eat now!

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Cristina Lost 45 Pounds by EATING MORE Food.

She discovered how delicious food (and lots of it) helps RESET your metabolism so it keeps you naturally slim.

She was also battling diabetes and high cholesterol … but no more. She's healthier than ever. And best of all, she told us … "After five years of trying, I finally got pregnant!"

Just look at the men and women on this page. Think they're ALONE with their weight loss success? Then think AGAIN! THOUSANDS of people have lost weight and kept it off by following the science-backed advice in Eat More, Lose More. And now you can see exactly how they did it FREE for 21 days!

Author Jonathan Bailor — a New York Times best-selling author and nutrition and exercise expert — specializes in using modern science and technology to simplify wellness. In creating the Eat More, Lose More plan, Bailor:

  • Collaborated with top scientists for more than 10 years
  • Analyzed more than 1,300 studies
  • Garnered endorsements by top doctors and scientists from some of the most prestigious universities and medical schools in the United States

In fact, you may have seen the author during his frequent appearances on the major news networks, explaining the undeniable science behind the Eat More, Lose More plan.

The medical community weighs in on the Eat More, Lose More breakthrough

The medical community weighs in on the Eat More, Lose More breakthrough