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Now it's easy to identify mood-boosting foods
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We all know that eating the right foods can have a big impact on your physical health. But what about your mental health? Your mood? Your energy levels? And your outlook on life?

Thanks to recent, groundbreaking research, scientists have identified delicious foods that are packed with mood-boosting nutrients. They work by actually healing and restoring the chemical balance required for a brighter, more optimistic feeling every day.

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THE #1 "MOOD FOOD" WORLDWIDE. Countries that consume the most of these delicious foods have the lowest rates of depression. Scientists now know that it's not a coincidence!

HOW TO BEAT THE BLUES with watermelon and cherry tomatoes. You bet! They are overflowing with a potent nutrient that blocks the chemicals that help trigger depression.

THE CHILI PEPPER CURE for feeling down. True! They contain an amazing chemical that triggers the release of mood-boosting endorphins in your brain.


Now it's easy to put
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THE 60-SECOND SECRET that guarantees you'll make smart choices at virtually any restaurant on Earth. You'll instantly identify fabulous choices that help you burn fat with every bite.

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THE SNEAKY MENU WORDS that identify entrées that seem "healthy" but are packed with foods that sabotage your metabolism

THE ABSOLUTE WORST MENU CHOICES TO MAKE. They're NOT as clear as you might think!

HOW TO CHOOSE INTERNATIONAL FOODS. Feel like Chinese food tonight? Italian? Greek? Indian? Japanese? Mexican? Thai? If you love ethnic foods, and want to make SANE choices, we'll help you identify the hearty, fat-busting delights that help you stay on track!

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